Top 10 Best Adjustable Keyboard Tray Reviews 2023

When it comes to optimizing your workspace and enhancing your ergonomic setup, an adjustable -out keyboard tray is a valuable accessory. Whether you’re an affiliate content creator, a professional, or simply someone who spends a significant amount of time at their computer, a keyboard tray which is adjustable offers convenience, comfort, and space-saving benefits.

The best adjustable trays on the market are designed with a focus on functionality, durability, and user comfort. These trays are typically mounted under the desk surface, allowing you to keep your keyboard, mouse, and other small accessories neatly stored below the desktop, freeing up valuable work surface. You can easily adjust your keyboard tray like height, position of your tray according to your using facility.

One of the key features to consider when selecting the best adjustable keyboard tray is its ability to provide comfortable typing angles & heights. Look for trays that allow you to easily slide & adjust, enabling you to find the ideal position that relieves stress on your wrists and shoulders. Adjustable tilt and height options further enhance the ergonomic benefits, ensuring a comfortable and personalized typing experience.

Ergoton -LX Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray


Larger & Generous in Size

One of the standout features of Ergoton -LX Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray is its generous size. The large 17.5 x 9.5-inch keyboard tray easily accommodates full-sized keyboards, allowing for unrestricted typing and giving your hands ample space to maneuver. Additionally, the retractable mouse tray is a great space-saving feature and can accommodate any size mouse. When not in use, the mouse tray conveniently slides away, keeping your desk tidy and organized.

Versatile Mounting Options

The versatility of mounting options provided by the Ergoton -LX Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard tray is impressive. The package includes everything you need for installation, including the LX arm, extension, keyboard and mouse tray, wall mount base, mouse holder, wrist rest, and attachment hardware. Whether you want to mount it directly to a sturdy vertical surface, such as a wood stud or solid wall, or opt for additional accessories like the Wall Plate or Track Mount Bracket Kit, the choice is yours. This flexibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the keyboard tray into your existing workspace setup.

Maximize Comfort & Productivity

When it comes to adjustability, the LX Keyboard Arm truly shines. It offers an extensive range of motion, providing 13 inches of lift and up to 35 inches of extension. This allows you to find the perfect ergonomic position for your keyboard, preventing wrist pain and discomfort. With 80 degrees of back-tilt, you can keep your wrists in a neutral and stress-free position, even during prolonged typing sessions. The keyboard arm also folds within 6 inches of the wall when not in use, freeing up valuable desk space and allowing for a clean and organized workspace.

Polished Aluminum Design

Not only does the LX Keyboard Arm excel in functionality, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your workstation. The polished aluminum design enhances the overall look of your setup, giving it a modern and professional appearance. Additionally, the keyboard tray is incredibly sturdy, providing a stable typing platform even for the most demanding tasks. If you require more reach and customization, the LX Extension accessory is available to further enhance your experience.

Ensuring Stability & Security

Durability is a key aspect when investing in any product, and the Ergotron LX Keyboard Arm doesn’t disappoint. It has undergone extensive quality testing to ensure stability and security, even through rigorous daily use. Ergotron is renowned for its commitment to quality, offering a remarkable 10-year warranty and expert technical support. This reassurance speaks volumes about the trust they have in their product.

In conclusion, the Ergotron -LX Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray with the Wall Mount Adjustable Keyboard Tray is a game-changer for anyone seeking a productive and comfortable workspace. Its spacious design, extensive adjustability, sleek aesthetics, and unmatched durability make it a standout choice. With this keyboard tray, you can say goodbye to wrist pain and hello to a more ergonomic and efficient work environment.


Tilt&Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray Under Desk & Above Desk

The Tilt&Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray Under Desk & Above Desk has truly impressed me with its range of features that promote ergonomic typing and maximize desk space. As someone who spends long hours working at a desk, finding a keyboard tray that offers comfort, adjustability, and functionality was crucial, and this product exceeded my expectations in every aspect

Tilt & Height Adjustability 

The keyboard tray’s tilt and height adjustment capabilities have been a game-changer for my typing experience. With the ability to adjust the height and tilt up to ± 180 degrees, I can easily find the perfect ergonomic position that suits my needs. This feature has significantly reduced back discomfort, even after extended periods of work, allowing me to focus on the task at hand without distraction

2-in-1 sit-stand Design

This Tilt&Height keyboard tray offers versatility with its 2-in-1 sit-stand design. It can be installed either under the desk or upon the desk, depending on individual preferences. The adjustable C-clamp securely attaches to desks with a thickness range from 0.35 to 2.67 inches, ensuring stability without causing any damage. The assembly process is straightforward, and I appreciate that it doesn’t compromise the integrity of my desk

360° Rotating Keyboard Riser

The rotatable keyboard holder is a standout feature of this keyboard tray. It allows for full 360-degree rotation, providing the flexibility to position the keyboard at any desired angle. When not in use, the tray can be conveniently stored completely under the desk, helping to maintain a clean and organized workspace. It’s important to note that for full rotation, the desk needs to be wider than 36 inches, ensuring ample space for the keyboard stand.

Sturdy & Comfortable Design

The Klearlook keyboard tray prioritizes comfort with its soft wrist rest, which alleviates tension in the wrists that can arise from prolonged typing sessions. Additionally, the tray’s stopper ensures that devices stay in place when adjusting the tilt angle, preventing any unwanted sliding. The tray itself is constructed using high-quality materials such as PU leather, heavy-duty metal, and premium wood, providing durability, stability, and an elegant appearance.

Maximized Desk Space

One of the key advantages of using the Tilt&Height keyboard tray is the significant space it creates on the desk. By placing the keyboard and mouse on the ergonomic tray, I have freed up valuable desktop real estate, allowing me to have a clutter-free workspace. Furthermore, the thoughtful pull-out drawer located below the tray provides additional storage space for small accessories, further optimizing organization and convenience.

In conclusion, the Tilt&Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray Under Desk & Above Desk has been a valuable addition to my workspace. Its tilt and height adjustability, 2-in-1 sit-stand design, 360° rotating keyboard riser, comfort-enhancing features, and space-saving capabilities have truly transformed my typing experience. This keyboard tray offers a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, providing an optimal solution for those seeking an ergonomic and efficient work environment.

Eureka Ergonomic Height Adjustable Mouse & Keyboard Tray

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Mouse & Keyboard Tray has been an absolute game-changer for my home office setup. With its impressive range of features and thoughtful design, it has greatly enhanced my comfort and productivity during long hours of work. Here’s a detailed review highlighting its key attributes.

Both Adjustable & Slide-out

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Mouse & Keyboard Tray versatility is a standout feature. Its height adjustability allows for personalized positioning, ensuring an ergonomic typing experience. With the ability to horizontally rotate/swivel 360 degrees and vertically tilt 15 degrees, I can effortlessly find the perfect angle for maximum comfort. The tray can be pulled backward or forward and rotated left or right, providing a seamless and trackless under-desk experience

Compatibility with Different Desk Types

Designed with a special mechanical structure, this keyboard tray is compatible with desks that have beams. It effortlessly integrates with desktops made of materials like wood and MDF, offering a wide range of desk compatibility. It’s important to note that plastic, stone, and glass materials are not compatible. Before installation, ensure that your desktop has a minimum thickness of 18mm to ensure a secure fit

Spacious Design for Keyboard & More 

The generous dimensions of 28.3″ x 10.2″ provide ample space for both the keyboard and mouse. The smooth carbon fiber texture adds a touch of sophistication while offering a comfortable surface for smooth typing and mouse movements. Additionally, the tray can accommodate small laptops, iPads, or other electronics, making it a versatile space-saving solution

Wrist Rest Lip for Enhanced Support

The inclusion of a wrist rest lip is a thoughtful addition to this keyboard tray. It provides essential support to your wrists, ensuring they remain in a comfortable position even when the keyboard is tilted. This feature effectively prevents the keyboard from sliding down, maintaining stability and allowing for a seamless typing experience

Stable Mechanism & Durable Material

The keyboard tray is built with a stable mechanical structure, ensuring its reliability and longevity. The use of durable and solid materials guarantees its sturdiness during daily use. Assembling the tray is a breeze, and it is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday work. Furthermore, the excellent customer support team is always available to provide timely assistance whenever needed.

In conclusion, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC Height Adjustable Mouse & Keyboard Tray is a must-have addition to any workspace. Its adjustable slide-out design, compatibility with various desk types, spacious surface area, wrist rest lip, and stable mechanism make it an exceptional choice for those seeking ergonomic comfort and enhanced productivity. With its durable construction and easy assembly process, this keyboard tray is a reliable investment that will greatly elevate your home office or gaming setup.

VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray

The VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray has revolutionized my workspace, providing an ergonomic and space-saving solution for my keyboard and mouse setup. With its impressive features and easy installation process, it has significantly improved my typing experience. Here’s a detailed review highlighting its key attributes

Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse Tray

This tray attaches seamlessly to the underside of your desk, optimizing desk space and creating a clean and organized workstation. The keyboard slides smoothly forward and backward on an 18″ track, allowing for easy adjustment and customization. Before purchasing, be sure to measure the underside of your desk to ensure compatibility with the 18″ track.

Typing Comfort

The VIVO  Adjustable Keyboard & tray prioritizes comfort and wrist health. The removable plush padding provides a cushioned support that enhances typing posture and reduces wrist soreness. The tilting mechanism allows for personalized angle adjustment, while the 360-degree swivel feature enables easy access to the keyboard from different positions. With 5″ of height adjustment, you can find the perfect level that suits your preference and promotes a comfortable typing experience.

Deluxe Universal 25″ x 10″ Tray

With a generous size of 25″ x 10″, this keyboard tray accommodates most keyboards and mice available on the market. The spacious design provides ample room for comfortable typing and mouse movement, allowing you to customize the tray to suit your specific needs and preferences. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for various setups.

Simple Assembly Process

Setting up the VIVO keyboard tray is a breeze. All the necessary hardware for mounting the tray is provided, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience. With clear instructions, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of ergonomic typing in no time, without the need for complex tools or extensive technical knowledge.

We’ve Got You Covered

The VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard Tray is backed by a limited 3-year Manufacturer Warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability. Additionally, the friendly tech support team is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a positive customer experience.

In conclusion, the VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard and Mouse Platform Tray is a game-changer for any workspace. Its ergonomic design, comfortable features, generous tray size, and simple assembly process make it a standout choice for enhancing typing efficiency and promoting wrist health. With the added assurance of a 3-year Manufacturer Warranty and reliable customer support, this keyboard tray offers both peace of mind and an excellent ergonomic solution for a productive and comfortable work environment.

StarTech Under Desk Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray

I recently had the opportunity to try out the StarTech Under Desk Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray and I must say it has greatly enhanced my workspace ergonomics. This keyboard tray offers a range of features designed to provide comfort, adjustability, and organization to your desk setup. Let’s dive into the details:

Adjustable Keyboard Tray:

The StarTech Under Desk Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray is large enough to accommodate a full-size computer keyboard and mouse. It has a weight capacity of 4.4lb/2kg, ensuring stability during use. To prevent the keyboard and mouse from sliding off when tilted, there are built-in ledges at the back of the shelf. Additionally, a wrist rest is integrated into the tray, offering support and reducing strain on the wrists.

Full Motion Adjustability:

One of the standout features of this keyboard tray is its impressive range of adjustability. The spring-assisted height adjustment paddle allows you to lock the tray at any position within a range of 13″/340mm. This feature enables you to find the perfect height for your comfort. Moreover, the tray offers tilt adjustment of +15/-13° and swivel adjustment of +/-180° (when the tray is positioned below the desk). For added convenience, the keyboard tray can be pulled or slid out up to 18.5″/470mm from the edge of the desk, providing flexibility in positioning.

Ergonomic Design:

The keyboard tray’s design takes ergonomics into consideration. The platform measures 10″x26″/255x670mm, providing ample space for comfortable keyboard and mouse usage. The built-in low-profile wrist rest features a soft-touch leatherette surface that enhances comfort during long hours of typing. Additionally, the tray includes a mouse pad with an anti-slip bottom, allowing it to be placed on either the left or right side of the platform. The mouse pad is specifically designed to support optical mice, ensuring smooth and precise tracking.

Easy Installation:

Installing the keyboard tray is a breeze. The package includes a mounting template that helps you achieve precise installation. Furthermore, an adhesive foam pad is provided to protect the underside of your desk during height adjustments or swiveling movements above the desk. The installation requires a surface space of 29.5×5.7″/750x147mm and a thickness of 0.8″/20mm, making it compatible with a wide range of desk types.

Organized Workstation:

The Keyboard Tray not only enhances ergonomics but also helps you maintain a tidy workspace. By storing the keyboard and mouse underneath the desk, it frees up valuable surface area. To further promote organization, the tray includes four self-adhesive cable management clips. These clips secure your cables, preventing them from tangling or getting in the way during the tray’s full range of motion.

In conclusion, the StarTech Under Desk Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray (KBTRAYADJ2) is a fantastic addition to any workspace. Its adjustable design, ergonomic features, easy installation, and cable management options make it a standout choice. With this keyboard tray, you can improve your comfort, increase productivity, and maintain a clutter-free desk. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a high-quality and versatile keyboard tray.


Stand Up Desk Store Large Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Stand Up Desk Store Large Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray and I must say it offers a practical and ergonomic solution for enhancing your workspace. This keyboard tray is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and space-saving benefits. Let’s delve into the details:

Optimum Ergonomic Height

This Stand Up Desk Store Large Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray is designed to position your keyboard at an ideal height for comfortable typing. By placing it at an ergonomic level, you can reduce strain and promote better posture. The attachment process is tool and modification-free, allowing for easy installation and hassle-free adjustments.

Adjustable Height

This keyboard tray offers three height positions, providing flexibility to suit your preferences. You can adjust the tray to sit at 2.69″, 3.44″, or 4.19″ beneath the desk. This adjustability ensures that you can find the most comfortable and ergonomic typing position for your needs.

Increased Usable Desktop Space

By placing your keyboard beneath the desktop, you gain more usable space on your desk surface. This feature is especially beneficial for those working with limited desk space or seeking a cleaner and more organized workspace. When not in use, the retractable keyboard tray conveniently slides out of the way, allowing you to maximize your desktop area.

Dimensions & Compatibility

The overall dimensions of this keyboard tray are 33″ W x 12″ D x 4.75″ H. The tray itself measures 27.5″ W x 12″ D x 1″ H, providing ample space for your keyboard and mouse. It is designed to work with desktops up to 1.5″ thick, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of desk types.

Quality & Warranty

Stand Up Desk Store is a US-based company known for its commitment to quality. They stand behind all the items they sell, including this keyboard tray. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of a reliable product.

In conclusion, the Stand Up Desk Store Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their workstation ergonomics and optimize their desk space. With its adjustable height, easy installation, and retractable design, it offers convenience and comfort. The sturdy construction and generous warranty provided by Stand Up Desk Store further emphasize the quality of this product. I highly recommend this keyboard tray for those seeking an efficient and ergonomic solution for their workspace.


Mount-it Under Desk Adjustable Keyboard Tray